Affordable Dentures and Dental Services

In addition to individual attention and service, Dixie Dental Center is able to offer affordable fees.  Provided below is a list of our prices for a variety of basic services:

Service Price*
Consultations Free
Oral Evaluation $50
Full Mouth X-Rays $50
Repairs $45 and up
Extractions (per tooth) $70 and up
Nitrous Oxide¤ $70
Conscious Oral Sedation¤ $130
Rebase (each denture) $225
Gold Tooth on Denture or Partial $195 and up
Bleaching Trays (per arch) $175
Acrylic Partials (no clasps) $195
Acrylic Partials (w/clasps) $295
Flexible Partial $840
Resaddle Cast Partial $340
Immediate Dentures (single)** $200
Immediate Dentures (set)** $400
Basic Dentures (single) $275
Basic Dentures (set) $495
Deluxe Dentures (single) $460
Deluxe Dentures (set) $835
Optimum Dentures (single) $595
Optimum Dentures (set) $998
Cast Metal Partial $595
Mini Dental Implants for Lower Denture stabilization*** $1,995


New Denture Information (click this link)


*We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Care Credit. We will submit your insurance forms so payment will be sent directly to you. In order to keep our fees as low as possible, we are unable to accept insurance as payment.
**Dixie Dental Center is now offering an “immediate denture” for our patients who are having full mouth extractions or are unable to afford a more permanent denture at this time.  We use the same material as our standard denture but we do not “try-in” or customize the denture in any way.  After your gums heal for 6 to 12 months or you are able to afford our standard or deluxe denture service, then you will be able to have a custom denture made at our normal fee.  The fee for an “immediate denture” is $400 for a set or $200 for a single upper or lower.  There are no guarantees or refunds when you choose this type of service.  Surgery charges are separate and additional to the denture fee.
***The purpose of these implants is to stabilize your lower denture.  The titanium implants act like the root of a tooth. A retaining fixture is incorporated into the base of your denture that attaches to your implants to create a system that withstands natural lifting forces when chewing or talking. For more information, visit: Patient's Guide to Mini Dental Implants
*Results may vary in individual cases.
*Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases.
¤Dr. Nadarajan and Dr. Fergus are qualified for oral conscious sedation.
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